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Radio Advertising

In the UK an estimated 40 million people listen to the radio and for up to seven hours a day. It wakes them in the morning, they listen while eating breakfast, on the drive to work and even while working in some cases. Then the radio is on for the drive home again, at leisure in the evening, and then in bed before sleeping.

It’s not hard to see that, as an advertising medium, radio has a lot to offer and is a very powerful medium.

Radio advertising can be bought locally, regionally or nationally and can usually be produced to fit any business’s advertising budget.

Much cheaper than TV advertising, radio advertising, if used correctly, can send a clear message to a target audience.

At SLS Advertising Services we can advise you on how to get your radio advertising campaign up and running and even write a script to go over the airwaves. We can also help you choose the right station for your promotional campaign. A wrong decision at that point could be an expensive mistake.

We can also put you in touch with production companies who will create the final advertisement ready to go on the air.

Don’t leave anything to chance, contact SLS to discuss your radio advertising requirements.