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Corporate Identity

SLS Advertising is a service built to create and develop an effective corporate identity and brand recognisable to you our customers. We believe that your business should develop a corporate identity which reflects the personality of your organisation. Corporate identity is the 'persona' of a corporation usually visibly manifested by the way of branding and the use of trademarks.

In order to communicate to customers effectively visual appearance and messages must be consistent across both printed and digital media. SLS advertising services can help you develop your business by;

- Creating business names

- Developing corporate identities and logo designs

- Brand research and analysis

- Stationary design and print

- Signage and vehicle design

- Writing corporate identity guidelines

- Developing slogans and tag lines

- Use your identity in all advertising literature.

We can create an identity which incorporates your beliefs, what your business does, who you are and how you want to be seen! We want to develop your corporate identity to ensure your business is different from your competitors.